Monday, October 13, 2008

Antomcial Insights and Shrimp Crusted Wontons

Thursday morning was spent in Donora.
Deanne from Donora wanted us to paint the shelving unites on the walls of the Drug Store with white spraypaint. For some reason none of us thought that this was not the appropritate solution for paintiing the walls. With 10 cans of paint we had covered 10 sections of shelfing with one horriblly splotchy coat. There were 24 sections fo shelving. We had also filled the place up completely with toxic chemicals. Ironic considering this was in Donora. After realizing that it would take 50-75 cans of spraypaint to finish the job, we used the Smog society's card to instead buy a 5 gallon bucket of white eggshell and rollers. After we took a lunch break, we painted the place and sent for a ride back to CAL.

That night was the Jason Shorr show. Joe made a bangin rice dish with chickpeas/mushrooms/blackbeans/tofu. I made a bunch of Ore Ida fries that I got with free coupons. The lecture went well and then we went to this girl Brittney's art show at Jozarts. She has better brie than we did. Her art was pretty good too.

After that went to Lagerheads with Jason and that was pretty fun considering we got 13$ worth of free food each from the Art Club. BAM

There was a party afterwards but I left way early.

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