Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to 1948

The first part of October was spent preparing for the the Donora Smog Commemoration. After disassembling shopping aisles and painting the walls, we turned the Central Drug Store into a makeshift gallery.

I did some word paintings that ended up as either enticing examples of the work inside or prominent window decoration.

Kellen created an indoor campfire from recycled materials and sketchy soldering.

The Freeman utilized some found wood.

Ross did a few pieces with cloth and Iron Oxide. He's also pretty much responsible for the legitimacy of the Smog Commemoration's advertising campaign. His smoke-stack logo is on banners that line the streets in Donora, and is also seen on the sign of the Donora Smog Museum. The Museum is located across the street from the gallery space we hooked up. Whereas our space was an old drugstore, the Smog Museum was formerly occupied by a Chinese Restaurant.

The Weather Channel and some other news station showed up. They covered the museum but not the gallery across the street. Strange event overall. We felt surprisingly good about the whole thing in the end.

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