Monday, October 6, 2008

Holiday to Pittsburgh

Friday night was the art crawl in Lawrenceville.
There were some good shows but the high point of the night was one of the Gallerys having Krishna food. I had some hot chai.

Joe actually met one of the Krishna's at Burning Man, so that was neat. Small World.

After the art crawl we went to Oakland but the party we went to was ridiculously bland. However I did run into my old next door neighbor (c. 6th grade -college) Small World.

Craig and I stayed at my friend Joes that night and in the morning went to People's India. Food was great and I had some hot chai.

I got some free ore-ida product/tgi fridays coupons, which were designed by my friend who works at Heinz.

We went to our friends Holly's house and ate dinner with her and her roommate Kimmy. I drank some wine, mango nectar, and some hot chai.
They also gave me one of the bottles of Jack Daniels BarBQ sauce that they had also received from our friend who works at Heinz.

We went to Braddock where the new Mayor is trying to create an arts community, and seems to be suceding. Really good poetry being red, a bonfire, and a large outdoor brick oven baking free pizzas and bread for everyone. We met a from Portland girl who had recently moved into Braddock. She read about the gentrification of Braddock in a magazine during a flight from Austin to Portland. Now it's more a of a funny world.

After the Braddock event we went to see Langhorne Slim at Club Cafe. Definately awesome, and the first show I've been to in a long time where I wasn't waiting for it to be over. Very good time. We ate some fast food and went to sleep at Holly's. The next day we came back to little California and got back to normal life.

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